Long Island Foreclosure Attorney Helps Avoid Foreclosure

Home foreclosure can inflict financial and emotional damages to a family and can cause feelings of insecurity, embarrassment and failure. Fortunately, foreclosure is also preventable, but you have to take active steps and know what you can do to prevent it from happening.


Young Law GroupThe best thing that you can do to avoid foreclosure is preventing it from happening in the first place. You have to stay in touch with your lenders and do not ignore their calls and letters. If you encounter problems in payments, then you can contact your lender before you miss a payment. Ignoring notice and phone calls from your lenders can send that wrong message that you do not care about your property at all. Remember that most lenders do not also want to pursue foreclosure since it can cause time and money and only do it as a last resort when you cannot pay them anymore.

Get expert insight

Talk to a Long Island foreclosure attorney if you are unsure about the process of foreclosure and if you want your case to be assessed. This gives you knowledge and confidence on how you can negotiate with your lender.

Foreclosure attorneys have ample experience when it comes to foreclosure and they can help you draft a proposal that can also be beneficial to you. With the assistance of an attorney, you can have temporary relief from payments or renegotiate your loan so that you have better chances of paying it. Possible options include forbearance and mortgage modification. Forbearance means that you are allowed to suspend the payment for the time being and then resume them under the original term of contract after the forbearance period. This is mostly applicable if you lost your job and do not have a steady form of income just yet.

Mortgage modification involves modifying the terms of your loan to become more affordable. This includes lowering the interest or reducing the total amount of principal payment. Even though you can talk to the lender directly, the end result is not always a success. Having a Long Island foreclosure attorney can help look for solutions for both you and your lender.

Reinstate your mortgage

If you do not have sufficient cash to reinstate your mortgage and cannot pay all of your pending balance, then you can receive a sufficient amount of time after the notice of foreclosure where you have the right to reinstate your loan.

You can still reinstate the loan any time before the final foreclosure is dismissed and anytime before the sale. You can work with a Long Island foreclosure attorney to help you with the paperwork needed to reinstate your mortgage. Lenders are also willing to give you enough time if you can find the means to pay them back instead of foreclosing the property which can be difficult to sell in the market.


You can also refinance and look for a better rate to be able to pay off your loan and start fresh. However, finding a good refinancing loan is difficult unless the home value is increasing. A Long Island foreclosure attorney can advise you on how you can find a good refinancing and decide if it is the best solution for your problem.

File for bankruptcy

The most drastic step that you can do is filing a bankruptcy where you might have better chances of having your loan terms modified. This can damage your credit standing, but you can apply for another mortgage in two years.

Hiring a Long Island foreclosure attorney can help you think of ways to avoid foreclosure and help you keep the house that you have worked hard for.

The lender must go through Young Law Group, correct process of foreclosure

The Mistakes You Can Make With SEO Are Numerous

In every field of marketing there are going to be people that tell you to work within the parameters of very limited engagements, and then there are going to be those that suggest you work with professional solutions. There’s a balancing act that you will have to work within in order to get your site noticed online, and many times it’s a matter of focusing on the right elements of marketing. If you want to get noticed through heavy competition, it becomes important to look into working with the tried and true solutions that abound today. Right now, no matter what niche you’re in, you’ll find that you can work within the world of marketing, especially with SEO. Search engine optimization allows you to build a great deal of traffic to your page, and can be the one “hidden” gem of internet marketing right now.

The problems that amount with SEO, however, lend credence to the issues that many have with marketing online. The problem being that it is hit or miss sometimes, and you could end up dealing with mistakes that are going to push you in the wrong direction. With that in mind, highlighting the mistakes that others have made could help you avoid them as you try to build an audience for your page. The following are tried and true mistakes when it comes to optimization.

Working With Black Hat Techniques

SEOLook online for black hat SEO and you are going to get hit with a lot of ideas. They are going to end up causing you to lose out in a lot of arenas. Do not work on this solution unless you’re ready to take on a lot of backlash. If you work with these things and they work for you, good, but the hammer will drop eventually. There is going to be a point when all of this doesn’t work for you, and when it doesn’t work any longer, you will be penalized. When you are penalized by search engines, they sometimes delist you completely. Imagine not showing up online at all and you’re going to end up seeing what many end up seeing, problems with traffic. If you’re delisted, getting back into the good graces of search engines will not be easy, and could end up causing you to end up losing market share overall.

Hiring The Wrong SEO Company

Do not rush the process of hiring anyone in technology. No matter what job you need to get done, don’t hire anyone that is going to end up causing you detriment overall. It’s easy to end up with the wrong company and it’s usually because you rush the process. Take your time and look for reasonable rates, good portfolios, and references. If you end up hiring someone that is not going to allow you to gain market share, it’s going to end up being evident that you have wasted your money. However, SEO is one of those things that will take you time to understand and get results with, and that’s where this becomes an issue overall.

Going At It Alone

For some people, the goal of internet marketing is a matter of focusing on the parameters of DIY. If you find yourself wanting to build marketing through doing everything on your own, and not getting any help at all, you could expect to see a diminished return on the traffic you get if anything. DIY is good for a number of things but when it comes to internet marketing, you should really rely on getting some help to move forward. You’ll find that you can’t match the amount of time that a firm can give you in regards to placing keywords and more within the content that you are building today.

Relying Solely on PPC

Some people get to work with pay per click here and end up with a positive outcome. They do so well initially that they grow to rely on this alone. There’s nothing wrong with working with this solution overall but do not assume that you are going to get moving forward with it alone. Relying solely on pay per click is going to end up costing you a fortune, and you may end up with a diminished return on the investment that you have on time and more. Resources being limited, this is a bad idea as it doesn’t help you with SEO, it just turns on a faucet of traffic that may be hit or miss. Unless you have tens of thousands dedicated to marketing, don’t go this route at all. You’ll end up losing out.

At the end of the day, the best way to move forward within the world of SEO is to look into marketing with a professional edge. Hire a professional firm that is going to build the campaigns that you need for the niche that you’re in, and you’ll see a good deal of leverage moving forward. You have to look and isolate the elements that will help you gain progress, and that means working through a variety of different elements overall. Take your time, hire a professional and avoid making the aforementioned mistakes. It’s easy to slip up in this world, that’s for sure.

How to Use Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are kept by different individuals for various reasons. One reason is pride. Others are simply satisfied with their coins. Some carry their coins for membership claims. However, some holders of coins keep them for the so-called challenge.

The original challenge is done to promote camaraderie in a group. It was nothing bloody at all.

The origin of the challenge that made use of challenge coins was said to have dated back to the Second World War. It was set in Germany. The locals had a tradition referred as the “pfennig checks.” (Pfennig was the Germans’ lowest coin denomination at that time.) The tradition was adopted by the American soldiers who were placed in Germany. For more you can visit www.challengecoins4less.com.

challenge coinsPfennig checks involves the presentation of the coin denomination in a bar or pub in Germany. The challenge starts when someone slams his pfennig in the bar. Those who are present must show a pfennig. Otherwise, they lost to the challenger. However, if everyone in the bar is able to present a pfennig, the challenger is deemed as the defeated party. The one who failed the challenge will be given a light punishment; that is, he must buy drinks for everyone who succeeded in the challenge.

When the American soldiers adopted the local tradition, they made use of medallions instead of pfennigs. These medallions were given to each member of the military units or traditions. The challenge and punishment were embraced though. However, certain rules were added.

The manner of initiating the challenge was one of the things that were modified by the Americans. Some still observed the traditional way, by means of slamming coins in a bar. Other challengers raise their coins and shout out the challenge.

A challenge may be initiated either intentionally or accidentally. The aforementioned methods are just ways of intentionally calling a challenge. An accidental method of challenging is by means of dropping a coin in the floor. The accidental dropping of a challenge coin is considered as a call for challenge because it is deemed as improper care for one’s challenge coin. You are lucky if no one hears it. Otherwise, you will be considered as a challenger. If the present members complied with the rules, you should buy drinks for them. But if someone fails to present his challenge coin, he will be the one to buy the drinks for all of you.

Failure to buy drinks is a crime. Challenge coins of those who were unable to do that will be seized by the ones who gave them.

These coins must be kept in the pockets, wallets or pouch worn around the neck. It shouldn’t be put into display. A challenge coin that is used as a pendant will easily put the holder into the losing position. The displayed challenge coin will be of no use in case you are being challenged. Aside from necklaces and lanyards, avoid displaying your coins by means of key rings and buckles in belts.

The rules of the challenge are tricky. From bars and pubs, this can be done anytime and anywhere. There are also no exceptions. Everyone who is a member of a certain group must present the group’s challenge coin once a challenge is called. Whether they wear military uniforms or civilian clothes, soldiers must perform the challenge.

In the military tradition, the low-rank must always buy a drink for a high-rank present during the challenge. Challenge coins differ in value between groups. The one who presents his challenge coin of lowest value must pay for his superiors as well.

Stealing a challenge coin is also allowed. This is allowed so that holders of challenge coins must secure their coins.

Nowadays, challenge coins are used for various challenges. It depends to the organization. Some imposed time limits while others do not. However, you need to be careful in calling a challenge. You shouldn’t force members of other organizations or units to comply with your challenge. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of the challenge which is to promote camaraderie. It may lead to conflict instead.